Free Solar

Free Solar

Could your business be eligible for free solar panels?


No Cost

Solar Panels are installed on your roof at no cost to your business. The Funder pays the installation company for the solar installation including all other associated costs such as surveys, EPC assessment, and grid connection charges. The Funder also pays for all the ongoing costs such as maintenance, correction of any faults and system upgrades, as well as insurance and any business rates applicable to the solar system.

See How Much You Could Save!

You could save massive amounts of money on your electricity bills and help the enviroment at the same time. Click the pdf links below to see just how much you could save.

No Risk

The Funder carries out a due diligence to ensure the panels and inverters are of good quality, that the installer is an approved provider, that the system will perform as per the offer to the customer, that there is a long term maintenance contract, and that the system is fully insured in both the construction as well as over the life of the solar installation's life.

Large Benefits

The business will benefit from a lower cost of energy where it uses electricity which is generated by the solar system. A system of 95kwp, on the assumption of the majority of the electricity being used internally, will provide a savings in electricity costs (positive cash flow) of up to £300,000 over 25 years. This is all at no cost or risk to your business. It is very much a cash benefit for doing nothing!

Typically the business will pay 7.0p per kwh for the electric generated and used by your business rather than the 12.1p it currently pays. This is a discount of 42% against the current provider. However as the price paid for electric generated by the system increases only by RPI (currently less than 2.5% p.a.) as opposed to electricity prices which are generally increasing 7% or more, then the benefits (and savings) are increasing every year. Thus your business can protect itself from significant electricity price increases.

How much I will Save
  • 100% Free of Charge
  • Save 50% and more on your current electricity price
  • Returns improve year on year
  • Secure electricity price safeguarding you business from rising electricity prices
  • Improve green credentials at no cost
Green Crededentials

The solar system will improve your green credentials by reducing carbon emissions compared to using electricity from the grid which is generated by high carbon coal fuelled power stations. The Carbon reductions can be reported in your accounts, website, brochures, Carbon reporting (if CRC is required) and also to your customers which many require for their own reporting.

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